Precautions Taken When Using Email

Personal information is never entirely safe. Someone can spend sleepless nights trying to access your emails. They hold crucial personal information that attracts the attention of people with similar interests, and if one is not keen, you end up being on the losing side. Accounts get hijacked and controlled by another party if one is not keen. Here are some precautions when using email;


1. Use a secure password

  • Your log in password should be;
  • Long and include both numbers and alphabets.
  • Complex, and not visible words like your name
  • Impossible to guess
  • Easy to remember to avoid forgetting.

This reduces chances of someone else guessing your password and getting it right.

2. Always have two-step verification

domainThis feature enables a verification code text to your cell phone whenever your account is being used to log into another device apart from the one you uses. One requires this code to log in, and therefore if one does not have your phone, they can’t access your email.

There is also a feature that notifies you whenever your account is being used to log in using a different device without necessarily requiring a code. In such cases, when you note unauthorized login, you can quickly change your password.

3. Log out when you’ve finished using your account

Whenever you log in to your email on someone else’s device, always ensure you log off when you ate through. You don’t know the next person to use that device. Logging off is a simple process that should not be underestimated.

4. Don’t share personal information via email

Some information such as banks and credit cards are critical and should be kept secret as much as possible. Leaking of such information can lead to huge loss. Banks don’t discuss private financial situations of their customers via email. When you receive such claims via email, always contact your branch and address the issue.

5. Do not give your email address to unfamiliar websites

Giving your email address to websites such as nude sites that requests for your email lead to them in boxing you their content which you might not be interested in. Some even demand subscription fees, and you may end up being coned.


Nothing in the world is entirely safe. Email being one of the best tools for quick communication should be protected from hackers. They hold information that attracts other interested people who spend sleepless nights trying to access them. Don’t give them a chance.